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HIM's Raising Appalachia Mission Project

Hissom Mission has, for over 80 years, been in the business
of helping any in need who come knocking on our door.
We see a need, we fill it. Each year we provide food for
10,000 households in the area, and provide their children
with a place to go to learn, grow, socialize, and aspire to
be great. 

However, after 75 years, we have become painfully aware of
a much greater need we must fill. When you find yourself
providing food for the hildren's children's children of those
we first helped in the 1930s and 1940s, there is more than just
an economic crisis to blame, there is an inherent brokenness
to the system under which we operate.

We are in a business that should never "boast" of its increasing
"clientele". Our greatest joy should come from the increase
in the number of people who no longer need our services.

It is for that reason HIM has decided it must RAMP up our Vision by providing our clientele with a RAMP out of chronic or generational poverty.

So, how do we build this RAMP?

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