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The Vision
The Purpose
The Progress

RAMP is a "project in progress" at
Hissom Interdenominational Mission.

For most people, Appalachia conjures up images of majestic mountains, old-time music, and a simpler way of life.

In the hills of Central Appalachia, up winding, mountain roads, is a place where children and families face unthinkable conditions, living
without what most Americans take for granted. At Hissom Inter-City Mission it is our mission to raise awareness of the needs existing in this hidden area of our country. Through RAMP it is our hope to provide job opportunities, improve living conditions, and bring hope to the people of our Appalachia.

These are the descendents of Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone,
Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Henry Clay, and the families of
legendary soldiers and pioneers who helped open up the
treacherous mountain passes and create an American continent.
They are fighters steeped in family, ferocity and faith.

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